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The best story of design
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I joined IBM to help build a sustainable culture of design at scale. Through Project Monocle, my team and I were able to do just that. We not only launched IBM Power System’s first modern web-based app, but also change the hearts of many engineers that design isn’t just making a UI look good. I led this effort by first gaining insights from deep user research, validating their true pain points, and convincing executives to build a product that was truly user focused. 

And the secret sauce was bringing IBM Design Thinking to the masses.

Monocle In The News

The Monocle story has now been leveraged in many ways inside and out of IBM to highlight the huge changes happening within IBM’s culture.

InvisionApp interviewed my team, myself, and other IBMers to create “The Loop” - a 20+ minute documentary capturing how Project Monocle embodies IBM’s renewed focus on user outcomes at scale.

See my team in action, jump to ~4 minutes into the video: 

At the O’Reilly Design Conference, IBM’s Distinguished Designer, Doug Powell reinforced how IBM is driving outcomes at scale with IBM Design Thinking by highlighting the process I led. Check it out here.

The IBM Stories team wanted to showcase our Monocle story to other IBMers to inspire them on how we can create positive change through empathetic process change. View the Monocle Story here: