Tablet Sales Aid Platform


UX Design / Wireframing

UI + Visual Design


The largest pharmaceutical company in Japan & Asia needed the ability to support it's worldwide sales staff with a new digital sales aid platform. The marketing team needed the ability to easily publish updates dynamically to the field through a new back-end platform which enabled this.

I was in charge of designing the user experience and modular user interface that any of the client's brands could leverage to populate their custom branding, sales, and safety data into. 

Working closely with internal development, PM, and account teams, I first needed to assess what the common parts of the sales aid that were needed for each brand. The key was to strike a balance between custom functionality for each brand and a uniform user experience so that any sales rep could easily jump between brands. Immense detail was put into each modifiable element which is clearly labeled in the style guide examples below.

This sales aid launched in 2012 to thousands of sales staff and was utilized by over a dozen pharmaceutical brands. The fundamentals of the UI I created live on in their next generation iPad sales aids.