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think big

sell ideas

lead execution

Hey! You've found the unicorn you're looking for:
I grok tech, design, and people


I'm awesome at the business of making



Envisioning, scoping, and selling new business ideas and processes. From closing $1.5MM in creative & dev business in 18 months to transforming enterprise engineering and product teams with the tenants of Design Thinking. 

Deep understanding of how technology is used in both B2B and B2C.
Oversaw design projects for companies big & small (Fortune 100 to scrappy startups).

Finding the perfect balance between business objectives and user's needs through deep user research.

Prioritizing limited time and money resources while juggling multiple projects.



Managing the creative process from problem identification through execution.

Finding and assembling the right teams to tackle unique problems.
Led a completely bootstrapped startup team of 8 and founded technology summer camp for teens managing a team of 9.

Playing nice with others while getting the job done.

Guiding and mentoring teams to solve really hard problems with technology.



Client Facing: Pitching + presentation creation, needs assessment, schmoozing.

Design:  wireframes (with the latest and greatest tools), visual design, prototypes.

Research: Designing surveys + interviews, conducting interviews, research synthesis.

Information Architecture: process mapping, workflows, user stories.


The future is exciting and bright. 
It's just up to us to build it.
Make it so


Work samples

18 years crafting digital experiences.

IBM Design, 3 advertising agencies, 4 startups, and 100's of clients later, I've got a few things to show. 

"The best story of Design at IBM in 3 years"  Design Thinking Transformation

"The best story of Design at IBM in 3 years" Design Thinking Transformation

Research + Process Design + Webapp: Zen

Research + Process Design + Webapp: Zen

Video Series: Investor Day

Video Series: Investor Day

Tech + Design Education for Teens Co-Founder

Tech + Design Education for Teens Co-Founder

Surface Table Tradeshow App 

Surface Table Tradeshow App 

Tablet Sales Aid Platform

Tablet Sales Aid Platform

Branding + Webapp: Building Codes Standards

Branding + Webapp: Building Codes Standards


Pay it forward. Sharing. Mentoring.
Whatever it's called, I live and breathe it.

I love actively participating and giving back to Austin's technology, design, and education communities. Here are just a few examples of the knowledge I've enjoyed sharing in the past year.


Delivering Value & Outcomes at Scale

From the top to the bottom, IBM is changing the way it creates products. It's new focus is uncovering and solving true customer problems instead of building products that IBM business leaders think will be a big hit. IBM's Design Thinking methodology is a whole new way to create solutions that are developed directly with customers in rapid iterations. 

Lean Startup Circle: Austin

Lean Tactics for Your Org

Sharing my experience in the Advertising world to show how Lean tactics can be applied to build better products for clients, meet the needs of their users, and make employees much happier. 

EdTech Austin

Finding your path in Tech

I share my journey from school to career in the creative space. Here I make the case that paths to success are not prescribed and those about to graduate high school should consider alternative paths to success. 

Wearables meetup

Wearing Technology

I share the evolution of wearable tech over the past 20 years and where it might be going.